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Feed the structure is an adventure survival map where you need to play survival and gather blocks in order to feed a certain structure and save your world from absolute destruction. This map's adventure part contains context of an adventure map that was to be created, but doesn't exist yet. You came back to Earth after you had left it, because there were numerous wars on the planet that put it into crisis. Now you land on Earth hoping to watch its beauty again, but it turns out that you will see it being massacred by a strange bedrock structure.

How do you play?

Playing in survival mode, you need to gather blocks and feed the structure with them. For feeding the structure with blocks, you gain points, which determine how much you fed the structure with and the level of the structure. Each level of the structure grants you enchants and effects that help you gather blocks quicklier and help you survive. Meanwhile, each level of the structure adds new structures and mobs that it spawns around the world. Reach 1000000 points to make the structure disappear and leave your world. 


You can choose many different playstyles and many different things might happen to you. The map is multiplayer-friendly. It supports a game for 1 - 2 players. 

Technical difficulties:

If you quit the range of the structure, mobs and structures will not spawn there. The range of the structure means the range of each sky bedrock structure included. When you die, your effects such as speed, jump boost etc. will reset. You need to be close to the main bedrock structure to regain those effects (for a long duration).


For no spoilers, I'll tell the authors of addons and mods used in this map below.

Download link to the map: Feed the Structure


Note: Microsoft edge might not support adf.ly, so you might need to use another browser.

Installation details:

The link to the map uses adf.ly - a very popular advertising service and the download file is on google drive. When you click on the link, you will be directed to adf.ly. There you need to click Skip Ad button in the right upper corner and deny all notifications. Soon you will be redirected to the map file on google drive. There just click the download button in the right upper corner to download the .mcworld file. Run the file to import the map to minecraft and be able to play. Google drive doesn't scan files for computer viruses and you might receive such a notification, so you must trust me or download the map at your own risk.

Detailed information about the gameplay:

Structure level 1:

- spawns chickens over you
- spawns dragon eggs in chickens' positions
- spawns 3x3 dirt structure in chickens' positions
- effect: speed
- enchant: looting

Structure level 2:

- spawns bees in chickens' positions
- spawns bee nests in chickens' positions
- spawns ocelots in bees' positions
- effect: health_boost
- enchant: fire aspect

Structure level 3:

- spawns structures out of logs and bee nests in bees' positions
- spawns structures out of dirt and lava in ocelots' positions
- spawns pigs in bees' positions
- effect: jump boost
- enchant:depth strider

Structure level 4:

- spawns structure out of tnt, leaves and dirt in creepers'positions
- spawns creepers in ocelots' positions
- spawns webs in creepers' positions
- effect: haste
- enchant: efficiency

Structure level 5:

- summons evocation illagers in pigs' positions
- evocation fangs clear the nearby area out of blocks (6x6x6) - frenzy
- spawns structures out of clay, soul sand, soul soil and mycelium in pigs' positions
- effect: fire resistance
- enchant: fortune

Structure level 6:

- summons vindicators "Johnny" in chickens' positions
- summons ravagers in chickens' positions
- summon tnts in chickens' positions
- effect: strength
- enchant: infinity


There are so many casual blocks included that I will point just a few of them:

- emerald block: 100.000 points

- diamond block: 150.000 points

- netherite block: 1.000.000 points

- shroomlight: 10.000 points

- soul sand, soul soil ~ 2.000 points

- gold block, lapis block: 10.000 points

- endstone: 15.000 points

- end bricks: 60.000 points

- obsidian: 5.000 points

- crying obsidian: 7.500 points

- slime: 20.000 points

- prismarine, dark prismarine: 1.500 points

- quartz block: 7.500 points

- honey block, honeycomb block: 3.500 points

- dried kelp block: 5.000 points

- magma: 5.000 points

- coral block: 10.000 points

- ancient debris: 40.000 points

Those are the blocks that can help you finish the map pretty quickly, but there are surely other ways to do it - find them out, share them, tell me how to improve the map and what you think about it down in the comments below.

Example strategies:


1) First rob the nearby villages.
2) Find a cave and mine diamonds for diamond blocks.
3) Get some obsidian and go to nether. Nether is source of many fruitful blocks and structures don't spawn there.


1) Farm wood to get up to 1000 points - then you get enchant efficiency and effect haste
2) Gather tnts from creeper structures and use them underground.
3) You can also mix water and lava to make obsidian and go to nether. (You can find 3 diamonds for a diamond pickaxe in the nearby spruce village)


1) Go down to bedrock where slimes spawn to gather slime and get 20.000 points for each slime block.
2) Also mine gold, lapis and coal to trade with villagers for emeralds(most nearby villages are deserted, but in the nearby spruce village you can get emeralds for coal from villagers) - and emerald block gives you 100.000 points
3) Make a big underground wheat farm for hay bales.
4) Gather honey for honey blocks.


1) Find a lot of kelp and make many dried kelp blocks
2) Find coral blocks - 1 gives you 10.000 points
3) You can first get up to 100 points for depth strider enchant 
4) Find magma blocks


1) Get up to 100.000 points
2) Farm emeralds on vindicators "Johnny" that structure spawns, trade emeralds for coal with villagers, get soul sand and soul soil from the pigs' structures


1) Get up to 10.000 points
2) Use the destructive evocation fangs that the structure spawns to dig underground and find minerals
3) Use the evocation fangs to get to bedrock for slimes


Addons: (big spoiler below the photo)

Witherstorm addon by:   


  1. If you want to make a video about this map, leave the link to this map on mcpedl or to this webpage: https://minecraft-maps-by-aragorn-potezny.blogspot.com/2020/08/feed-structure-feed-structure-is.html

  2. I'm planning to make a longer version of this map where you will have to gain 10mln points to win and there will be additional bedrock structures containing great items and bosses protecting them. If you like this idea and are willing to play on such an extended version, leave respond or like to this comment.

  3. New maps will I publish on another google account. Nothing else will be published on this account in the close future.

  4. New maps *I WILL* no *WILL I*


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